If you want an easy fix to driving up your sales numbers, BANK codes aren’t the solution. That’s because there’s no such thing as a magical fix to increasing sales. BANK codes are, however, a tremendous tool that can help you make your sales process much more successful.

What are BANK Codes

BANK codes are a system based on personality science and fundamental sales principles. They help you relate to your target audience. Whether your focus is on sales, marketing, or professional relationships, BANK codes help you make progress in your field of expertise. The BANK code system works by helping you easily figure out your audience’s personality type.

The four BANK personalities

The four personality types of BANK are Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge. Each personality type has their own set of virtues and goals. By figuring out the BANK code of your boss, client, or audience, you become better able to cater your message towards their values.


A list of values held by Blueprint BANK codes. Listed values are: stability, stricture, systems, planning, processes, predictability, responsibility, duty, rules, credentials, titles, and tradition.

The first BANK code is “blueprint”. These personality types value responsibility, planning, and structure. They’re usually specific with their actions and think things out before making decisions. Therefore, when making a sale with a blueprint personality, you’ll want to tell them about how your product will fit into their overall game plan.


A list of values held by Action Bank codes. Listed values are: freedom, flexibility, spontaneity, action, opportunity, attention, stimulation, competition, winning, fun, and image.

Action types care about freedom, opportunity, and excitement. They’re free spirits. If you were to pitch a product to them, you’d want to demonstrate how it’d help them get ahead in life. You also might tell them about how your product will give them greater independence in their lives.


A list of values held by Nurturing BANK codes. The values are relationships, authenticity, personal growth, significance, teamwork, involvement, community, charity, ethics, harmony, morality, and contribution.

These are the caregivers. Nurturing personalities focus on relationships, authenticity, and personal growth. To relate to a nurturing personality, you need to demonstrate your good intent. They’re better able to sniff out dishonesty and greedy sales pitches.


A list of values of Knowledge BANK codes. The values are learning, intelligence, logic, self-mastery, technology, research and development, science, universal truths, expertise, competence, accuracy, and the big picture.

Knowledge focused personalities find passion in mastery of their craft, comprehending the big picture, and perceiving the rationality behind statements. For these personalities, you need to lace your sales pitches with facts. They need to know your claims are credible before making the decision to purchase.

How BANK Codes Can Increase Your Sales by up to 300%

As you can see, BANK codes give you a glimpse into the purchasing behavior of your potential clients and customers. Through learning someone’s BANK code, you can infer why they’d want to buy your product. Incorporating BANK codes into your business practices will give your brand charisma and respect.

Using BANK Codes to build your relationship with clients

Figuring out the BANK code for each of your clients helps you build mutual trust and understanding. You become better able to reach common ground with your clients, helping you progress your business relationships.

Implementing BANK codes to develop business relationships could be as simple as changing the direction of small talk. You might decide to steer conversations towards topics you know they’re interested in. On the other hand, you could incorporate BANK codes into more serious business matters, such as pitches.

When you offer a proposal, you’ll know that you need to first craft it around their ideals. If you know your client has a nurturing personality, use that information in your pitch. Nurturing personalities care about harmony and authenticity, so your pitch will need to touch on those principles.

You could do this by demonstrating how their product will help their business operate more smoothly. And to show authenticity, you might tell them a personal anecdote that describes how important you take your business, and why you care about theirs.

Incorporating BANK Codes into your marketing strategies

Using BANK codes for advertising requires a different approach than with clients. Your audience is likely filled with a rainbow of BANK codes. To tackle this obstacle, you’ll have to get creative.

Using sales funnels

One of the most effective ways to reach each BANK code in your audience is to create individual sales funnels for every code. To do this, start by making separate advertisements for each BANK code.

Next, adjust the copy and pitch of each advertisement in a way that’s consistent with the virtues of the individual BANK codes. You could even go deeper and adjust the imagery of your advertisements. For instance, an action-focused personality may resonate with a character actively using your product. A knowledge focused individual might react more to a charticle discussing how your product works.

To further entice each personality, you should also have separate landing pages for each BANK Code. When, for example, someone clicks on your advertisement for blueprint BANK codes, they should be directed to a page that touches on their unique set of interests.

Although distinct sales funnels are one way of personalizing your marketing content, it’s not the only way. Another method for utilizing BANK codes is to create specific email lists for each BANK code. We could go on and on, but the lesson is to constantly be asking yourself how you could further personalize your content using BANK codes.

But How Do I Learn Someone’s BANK Code?

A clear-cut way to figure out a client’s BANK code is to actively listen to them. As you get to know them, you’ll start learning information that points towards where their goals lie. If they have a website or “about me” page, these can also point you in the right direction. Eventually, you’ll be able to connect the dots and get a clear picture of what their BANK code is.

When it comes to marketing, you have plenty of options. You could make inferences of the predominant BANK code of your target audience by sending out polls. Or when making their account for your website, you could ask your readers to share what BANK code they feel they are.

Don’t worry if this sounds too challenging for you. The BANK website offers services which help you learn how to incorporate BANK codes into your own business practices. To learn more, feel free to visit their website.