With the modernization and advancement of technology, we are in a phase where everything evolves and changes with a blink of an eye. Last year’s experiences greatly contribute on shaping the ecommerce industry as well as the digital customer communication. Huge transitions have been made worldwide making consumers to mostly depend online and this is the part where marketers must get well acquainted with the digital trends in order to provide frictionless and satisfying service to the rising digital buyers. Without further ado, here are the five digital trends that you should look out for in 2021:


Apologizing in advance to all advertisers out there but let’s admit that most pop ads and ad banners can be a real eye sore especially when it covers almost half of your screen. Worse is when the ads being displayed shows no relevance to what you’ve been looking for. Thanks to these simple softwares commonly known as adblocker or content blocker that prevent ads from being shown on websites. So what is the importance of this tool? Aside from clearing up page elements and other distractions on your screen, these blockers help your web to load fast, reduce internet resource wastes, and even reduce your risk from ‘malvertising’ attacks, tracking, and profiling. On the other hand, ad blockers get controversial in time as it is affecting the industry of advertising. The most common downside of ad blockers is hampering your page scripts as some webistes fail to fully function under adblocks. It has a direct effect on websites which hosts ads as it also blocks information from the content industries. Sounds like a bad browsing experience, right?


Or simply geotag, is the process of attaching location information in the form of geographical metadata to digital media like web sites, videos, and photographs (finjanmobile). It is mainly developed for military purposes but has paved its way to perform on our smartphones, computers, and other consumer gadgets. Geotag is like your multifunction oven. First, it allows you to add and share your location on platforms such as facebook and instagram so people can find you easily or be updated of your latest travel. Second, you can find nearby cafes, markets, and tons of establishments in an instant just by setting your location in applications like google maps, apple maps, uber, mapquest, etc. Geotags also acts as a monitoring tool beneficial for road traffic, field operations, and even public health projects. In some cases, geotag can be a little dangerous if used irresponsibly as it exposes your privacy and of those around you.

Visual Search

Searching an item online can be a bit frustrating when you are not sure of the specific name or word of a certain item. Worry no more! From animals, to people, clothing, garden tools, food, and plants, image search got your back. Various apps, like Google lens and Veracity offer this reverse image search and it is very easy to use. You just have to launch the app or find the camera logo on selected search engine and aim your camera on the object that you wanted search online. It will not only let you know the item but will automatically offers you related information about it as well. Visual search indeed makes online searching a lot easier than ever.


I am sure you have talked to one of these friendly online robots before. And don’t get me wrong, they even sound more intelligent than humans. These software applications mimic spoken human speech to interact with real persons and are widely used for customer service purposes. But why do we need to use chatbots? Mainly because chatbots replies in an instant, even without the presence of a human and that what makes it exceptional in terms of real-time online interaction. Chatbots work by providing set of options to customers and address questions and queries in a more human-like way until inquiry or problem has been solved.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic as well as provide comprehensive report about your digital marketing effectiveness.

Why is it a must-have tool in the digital world? Quoting Fifteendesign UK, “Google Analytics is a very important digital marketing tool, but seriously underused by most businesses. It allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more.

Online Business Management Platforms

Have you heard of Proofhub, Trello, Netsuite, or Plutio? I bet you have and probably been using one already. These awesome management softwares are like heaven sent for anyone involved in some sort of business, big or small. It serves as an eye for every activity going on within the workplace. The best thing about these platforms is that it helps you navigate your day to day tasks such as time and bill tracking, files and feedback sharing, generate invoices, real-time employee engagement, and a lot more. Indeed it is worth of an investment as it helps you stay on top of things while saving you time and money in the long run.

These are only few of the many easy and efficient digital tools that are up for every business enthusiast who wants to get accustomed with the newest digital trend. I hope this helps you set up your ideas as you venture to the new normal. Happy New Year!