Our team is a combination of multinational, animal-loving creatives who all have a knack and passion to help small and big businesses take the advertising game by storm. Our love for life and and for anything that lives motivates and inspires us to plant a seed of life towards the growth of businesses through various print and digital advertising creations.



She is passionate, talented, committed, and goal-oriented. A forward-thinker who is focused and fearless in ensuring that All Things Advertising is your one stop shop for all your advertising needs.

She loves all four legged furry friends.  She is especially fond of her orange tabby cat Mr. Whiskers. Just like cats, Miriah is creative and adventurous. She is also a great listener and empathetic.



She is flexible and efficient. She embraces changes and always looks forward to a new adventure that brings new learning. With her skills and experiences, she hopes to help the team elevate clients’ brands.

She associates herself with a carabao. She values efficiency, strength, and hard work. She firmly believes that perseverance is an essential key to reaching goals and attaining success.



She works with precision and takes advertising creations on a whole new level. She’s the team’s go-to creative that transforms your business ideas to well-represented websites, social media platform, and presentations.

She is fascinated with cats and she believes in sharing personalities with them. She is proactive and curious, and just like cats, she is affectionate and clingy.



She is committed to becoming the voice of businesses. She pours her passion and love of writing towards social media branding, and all other writing stints. With her enthusiasm and drive to be of help, she closely works with the team to heighten clients’ business presence.

A certified dog lover! Jen is outspoken and very agreeable. She loves to have fun and she is always looking for excitement in life.