Wherever we are, Tiktok is a household name for its wide array of entertaining clips from its users, accumulating over millions of downloads all over the world. The amusement caters different strokes for different folks with contents about dancing, cooking, and many more. It is an effective avenue to spread the fun worldwide as users- ranging from your Average Joe to a star-studded celebrity; everyone can have fun in Tiktok. To reach more users, the app was developed with additional features tailored for entrepreneurs and businessmen as ByteDance, the company behind Tiktok, launched Tiktok Ads.

Tiktok Ads, one of the newest hallmarks of Tiktok for entrepreneurs to further extend their reach to customers worldwide. Whether you are a small-scale salesman or a towering tycoon, Tiktok Ads can showcase your goods for a reasonable price. Moreover, big businesses such as Nike, Levi’s, Guess and even NBA took advantage of using Tiktok Ads, hoping to boost their sales with their most creative ways to influence customers all over the world. Take your marketing game to the next level with Tiktok Ads.

Tiktok Ads strongly encourage creativity as one of the elements of marketing, for entrepreneurs are given the spotlight for three to ten seconds to pique the user’s attention while they use Tiktok. The app offers different ways to engage with the audience worldwide through the following:

In-Feed Ad is a room to promote your business to users in between scrolling the For You page. The ad can range from nine to fifteen seconds on a user’s screen, if not immediately closed, so one must create something truly engaging to arouse the interest of the user through slogans, graphics, and call-to-actions. Applying a call-to-action on an In-Feed Ad is efficient, since it helps the user to be directed to other social media pages of your products such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and it can also link users to download apps, if that is your product. Since you, a budding businessman or an established entrepreneur, most likely aim to captivate more customers, you can instead avail of TopView Ad, a more engaging version of In-Feed Ad since it appears more frequently to users.

Brand Takeover is another avenue to reach potential customers as the brand of your product literally takes over the screens of users all over the world for at least ten seconds, allowing you to take over customers with Brand Takeover. This form of ad is effective to promote your campaign since one can call-to-actions to win customers, and it cannot be easily closed unlike other ads.

Branded Hashtag Challenge is one of the inclusive ways to popularize your products by starting a trend starring your stuff. May it be #TealTopTuesdays for your shirts and blouse you are selling, or #FeelFreshFriday for your beauty products; the movement you started will be buzzing with users, showcasing your goods with their photos as it is the culture of Tiktok community.

Branded Effects is also an approach that incorporates the interaction of users using your product through stickers, lenses, and AR (Augmented Reality) Filters on the photos they upload. The effects do more than adding flair to the user’s photos, since your brand will have a wider spread as it engages to the users and their audiences.

The modernization of technology opens more pathways to improve one’s craft, and the same can be said for entrepreneurs pursuing prospects. In today’s day and age, we should utilize the trend in social media to our advantage to explore opportunities in an online community with millions of users. May it be Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, we should capitalize the craze in social media. Will you explore Tiktok Ads?