Most parts of the world had been greatly affected by the emergence of the pandemic known as Covid19. The unforeseen impact of this virus has crippled the economy big time – from directives of closing up shops, banning mass gatherings, suspension of work, and increase of mortality rate.

       A lot has changed since the observance of staying home and staying safe while we focus on treating all the infected. but, since we are all born not to back down from adversities and to gradually get back to a “new normal”, it has been decided by the government to lift the community quarantine in some parts of the countries and allow businesses to re-open or continue operation.

Here are some marketing ideas and ways you can prepare your business for a post-pandemic world:

1. Assess your business
    As dealers or merchants, it is important to assess if the products or services you are offering, how you sell it, and how you deliver are what the people still need. A lot has happened and changed since the pandemic, we have realized what products and services are essential and will not be fazed by any disaster-pandemic or not. Make sure to check if your business is still at par with the people’s demand or if it is high time for you to change and venture on a new business.

2. Embrace the “new normal”
    Words like “social distancing”, “skeletal work system”, “online work” have made rounds in the online world since the outbreak. We were not allowed to have physical contact, go out to shop, dine out, and so on. Once quarantine is lifted, most people would still be hesitant to go out to shop or mingle. It is high time that your business join the online community by putting up your own website or social media pages where you can advertise or sell your products with lesser physical contact.

3. Utilize 360 pictures or Facebook live videos
    If you have noticed lately, a trend of people wanting to be seen online has risen since the pandemic, may they be what we call commoners, celebrities, business owners, or politicians. Everyone wanted to spread their message and share updates and life stories through online means. Since people are more drawn to visuals, you may utilize the use of 360 pictures and Facebook live videos to share your message, show your store, and inform people social responsibilities during this time.

4. Stay connected
    Whatever products or services you are offering, may it be in line with beauty, sports, travel, etc. it is important that you stay connected to your community. Tailor your marketing strategies in relation to what you think people would want to see, hear, or experience. Consider having subscription modes or sign-up forms to your store updates so that people can constantly receive updates from you. After all, we all need someone to relate to.

5. Be resourceful and innovative
    Work on what’s left of your business and what needs improvement. Market properly without compromising the safety precautions set to totally defeat the virus. Re-design your signage, rephrase your taglines, or re-organize your shops in a way that people can relate to it after all that has happened to the world.

6. Prepare for the future
    We all have learned a lot of lessons from this experience, We have also witnessed how easily some businesses crash-landed because of unpreparedness and lacking of back up plans. With this in mind, you have to take care of your business by taking care of your people. Plan for the future and deliver a promise to your customers that their experience shopping from you will only get better and better.

        If you are still having difficulties with marketing ideas and concepts, we at All Things Advertising would be happy to help you navigate this whole post-pandemic business re-opening shenanigans that will step up your business. Remember the saying, marketing is a game of the future.