After years of continuous sensory overload, people are beginning to ignore traditional holiday ads. Their email, phone, and radio are bombarded by holiday sale after holiday sale.

So how will you stand out amongst the barrage of endless holiday ads?

A New Kind of Advertising

Nowadays you need to think outside the box to get ahead during the holiday season.

You can’t just slap a holiday sale ad on Facebook or Google and call it a day. You’ve gotta put effort into your advertising strategies!

With every mom and pop shop making their own Facebook ads, you need to do something different.

To get attention nowadays, your advertising campaign has to provide value. You’ll need to either give your audience something upfront, or show them why your product will make their lives better.

Creating more than a billboard

Content marketing is one of the ways you can bring something new to the table. If you’ve got a killer holiday sale you want to market, wrap it up in a pretty bowtie first!

One way to do this is by utilizing video, which is one of the major sources of internet traffic nowadays.

Try making a multi-part YouTube or social media campaign that leads up to your holiday sale.

For example, your first few videos can be used to pique your audience’s interest. Start with some short teaser videos, then once you’re close to your holiday sale really ramp up the excitement.

Make your video announcing your holiday sale the climax of the series. To do this, you could tell a story throughout your advertising campaign.

Or you could make your advertising campaign multimedia, using polls to make the story interactive and decide where the next video will go.

Disaster Prepping

To get the most out of this holiday season, you should come at it with the mindset of a disaster prepper.

You know, those people with a bunker filled with 20 years worth of Ramen and board games.

You have to get ahead of the game for the holiday season so no technical or logistical issues ruin your perfect holiday sale.

This means you should have live customer service on big holidays, as well as tech support on standby.

Also, you’ll have to plan for success. If you’re tight on inventory at the start of the holiday season, make sure to get some surplus. That way if your holiday sale goes viral, you’re already prepared.

Your planning shouldn’t be purely logistical, however.

Your holiday advertising campaign should be prepared weeks before Black Friday as well.

You see:

You shouldn’t just place all your bets on one advertising campaign. You should have a campaign for different holidays and sales.

Simply tossing a deal at your customers may work, but you won’t get the most out of your holiday sale by doing that.

Your audience needs to be warmed up first. Planning your advertising campaigns ahead builds intrigue and excitement for your sales.

Wrapping Everything Up

In short, you have to find a way to stand out with your holiday advertising. A holiday sale is a great way to start, but you’ll need to deck the sale out with a strategic advertising strategy.

Planning ahead keeps you running smoothly, and advertising differently from your competition guarantees success.

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Featured Image by Harold Wijnholds on Unsplash