Welcome to part two  (Read Part One Here) of our BANK code over view and how you can use BANK to increase your sales by 300%.   Click Here to read Part One  Today we will learn more abut what BANK is and the four different personality types.

What is a BANK Code

BANK Codes are an easy to use personality assessment used to start determining your customers’ values, and what core ideals shape their worldviews. There are four personality types in BANK Codes: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge(1). These personality types each have their own set of values that appeal to them, and their own strengths and preferences. By figuring out which BANK Code your customers are, you start painting the picture of who they are, and where they are coming from, helping you better relate to your customers.

The Four Personalities:


Values include stability, structure, duty, rules, and ethics. People in this personality group find value in organization and following the rules. Their moral beliefs are set in stone, and they prefer to stay around those who share those ethics. They work well with systems that are clear cut, predictable, and have set and defined rules. They learn best through repetition and memorization[1].


Values include freedom, spontaneity, excitement, fun, and image. They are typically entrepreneurial in spirit and don’t have a problem taking risks. They value living life on their own terms, and learn best through hands on learning. They are optimistic and go getters, and excel at competition, sales, and bringing teams together[1].


Values include compassion, authenticity, teamwork, community, and relationships. They are very social, and enjoy making genuine connections with others. They strive to become the best they can be, and find enjoyment in helping bring others to their full potential. They are very passionate, and love contributing to their communities[1].


Values include science, logic, self-mastery, universal truths, and accuracy. These people strive to have power over their environment and themselves, and are always striving to learn more. They’re always attempting to put together the big picture, and when they put in work it is almost always with the long term goal in mind. They are problem solvers by nature and excel at using charts and models to explain hard to grasp ideas[1].


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