Small Businesses and Their Role In the Community

Often the ethics of business gets a bad reputation. People think of
greedy CEO’s, manipulation, and shady deals. Although this side of
business does exist, there is also a much more positive side of
business: one of community, cooperation, and accountability.


In small business the majority of our clients tend to come from our
local communities. Because of this we have a larger chance of
impacting our local communities. It is our responsibility to make
sure our impacts are positive ones.

When we help our customers reach their fullest potentials, we
help our communities reach their fullest potentials.

Our customers are part of our community, therefore the more we
help them out the more our community begins to thrive.


When your business revolves around win-win scenarios you begin to
create positive impacts both for yourself as well as those around
you. Your team becomes more engaged and productive, your
community becomes happier and healthier, and you become more
satisfied yourself.

When you cultivate a culture of win-win in your business you build a
support network. You’re there to do whatever it takes to help your
clients out, and they’ll pick up on that and the next time you need
help they’ll be there ready to assist you.

Business With Integrity

My business is an extension of myself, and that is why I find it
imperative to bring my Midwestern values to my business. I intend
to take part in lifting my team members and clients up the same way
I would my friends and family.

We’re all in this together. I believe that idea is important to keep in
mind when conducting business. In day to day life if I see somebody
that needs help my instant reaction is to lend a hand. I see it the
same way in my business.

My business exists as a resource for my clients. It exists so that I can
help my clients pursue their passions and do what they love. I want
my clients to leave with newly found energy and enthusiasm for
their own businesses.

I do this by providing the best service I possibly can through my
marketing skills and my values. I use my marketing knowledge and
abilities to help my clients tackle their challenges. My values come
into play when I see my clients eye to eye and actually take their
concerns and inputs seriously. I listen to them because I’m here to
do whatever I can to help them.

Taking Ownership Of Our Actions

Without your employees your business is just another name you call
yourself. Your team is the foundation of your business. This means if
you want a business with integrity, you need to lead your team with

A large part of leadership is setting the precedent that is expected of
your team. By holding yourself accountable to the values you expect
out of your team they will begin to see those values put into action
by you.

You can tell your team about the traits you expect out of them, but
nothing has a greater impact than showing them the values put
into action.

If you lead with genuine compassion and understanding your team
will have your back, as they will know you have theirs. You cultivate
an attitude of support and trust. You will set a strong foundation for
your business as you will have a team that is focused on holding
each other up and pushing each other to greatness. Throw in a clear
direction, as well as efficient communication channels, and your
team will be unstoppable!

We have a responsibility as business owners to take care of our
communities. By bringing our values, compassion, and leadership
traits to our businesses we have the power to create a massive,
positive impact on the people within, and around our businesses.