We are entering a new era of the internet. One in which you can barely find a single article that doesn’t contain at least one cat photo.

Ok, maybe the internet’s always revolved around cats, but nonetheless it demonstrates just how large of a role visual content has in the age of the internet. The internet runs on visual content, and therefore it should play a large role in your business.

Graphics aren’t something to be pushed to the side, but instead should be looked at as an integral piece of your content. Here are some reasons why you should be putting way more attention into your graphics.

Marketers Say It’s Important

In a study of 5,000 marketers 37% of marketers said visual content was their “most important form of content for their business.” This was the second highest rated form of content, the first being blogging with 38%.

From infographics to social media, visual content has an integral role in marketing. Images allow you to convey information in a concise fashion, increase brand awareness, and provide breathers and reference points for readers.

Visual Content Increases Social Media Engagement

Another one of the attributes professional graphics bring is a large increase in social media shares and “likes.” In fact, Buffer Social found that tweets containing a graphic received 150% more retweets than those without one (Buffer Social.)

Graphics draw social media users’ attention in as well as stimulating them visually. They also allow you to convey more information to the viewer in addition to the written content of a post.

Graphics Increase Blog Article Shares

In a study analyzing over 1 million articles by BuzzSumo it was found that “articles with an image once every 75-100 words got double the amount of shares [than] articles with fewer images” (Buzzsumo.)

Graphics break up text in articles making them more readable. Articles feel less like books and more like digestible pieces of information when images are added to the content.

By adding charts, infographics, and relevant images graphics also add depth to your content. Your content becomes more organized and well rounded.

Increased Information Retention

According to Shift, an organization that specializes in eLearning, there is a drastic increase in information retention when text is supplemented with visuals. They say visuals help readers make sense of information, and that visuals aid in the transmission of information to readers.

This is probably why from 2015-2016 infographics were the content marketing tactic with the biggest increase in use for B2B content marketing (Content Marketing Institute.) Infographics allow you to pack a massive amount of information into a small, easy to read graphic.

Graphics give your marketing and content a larger and longer impact than content that lacks graphics.


Graphics give your content more depth and range. Graphics can draw attention towards your advertisements, or help further elaborate points you’re trying to make. Studies show there is a tangible effect on engagement and shares for content with graphics. Lastly, the use of graphics is verified by the large amount of importance marketers are giving to the use of visual content.

Before you try carelessly slapping images onto your social media posts consider the importance graphics hold, and know that graphics aren’t something to be brushed to the sidelines.