Thanksgiving is around the corner and we want to thank all of you for everything you’ve done for us. This goes out to all of our friends and family, of which our business partners and loyal customers have grown to be a part of. We want to let you know that we appreciate everything you’ve done for us. With that being said, here are 9 ways we are thankful for YOU!

1. We are thankful you allow us to pursue our dreams and passions

To all of our friends and family, thank you for bearing with us during the days when our pursuits take up all of our time and energy. To our business partners, thank you for allowing us to put food on our tables as we work to grow our business and pursue our dreams.

2. We are thankful for your support

The path to success has countless hurdles that need crossed, and when the going does inevitably get tough your encouragement and support allow us to find our inner strength and continue pressing along with newfound energy and enthusiasm.

3. We are thankful for your trust

When starting work with a new business you take a leap of faith, trusting that the business will provide everything they promise and more. We are honored that you gave us that trust, and hope we blew your expectations through the roof!

4. We are thankful for your feedback

Every bit of feedback on how we can improve gives us insight on how we can better our business and ourselves, helping us exceed the expectations set upon us. All the feedback you have given us has been taken to heart, and has helped us continue to improve and become the best we can be.

5. We are thankful for every review you’ve left us

Leaving a review costs you your time, but you were willing to donate that time to share kind words about us. All of your positive reviews help us so much, and we are grateful you took the time to lend us a hand.

6. Every time you gave us a share, like, or comment on social media.

Those social media engagements not only helped share our brand to new people, but also let us know how you feel! We love hearing all of your words of support on social media, and we are so blessed to have such a supportive following!

7. Every referral you gave us

Referring us to others takes up your time, but you were willing to do so anyways because you knew we could help others build up their businesses and pursue their dreams. We are so thankful you were willing to put your word on the line for us, and trusted we could help out your friends and business partners with their endeavors.

8. All of the new friends we have gained

As we gain new business partners we also gain new friends. We are all part of the same community, and we are so happy to have such genuine and kind partners who we can trust and honestly call friends.

9. Every smile you’ve shared with us

Each smile you share with us makes our lives a little bit brighter, and there’s no greater gift you could give us, so thank you.

We have had a long road getting to where we are today, and without all of you we never would have gotten this far. Thank you all so much for your support and generosities. It means the world to us.