It’s time to completely rethink how you use your landing pages. Facebook Lead Ads have revolutionized the online marketing game.

Back in the day, your landing page was your prized possession. You’d use it to drive sales while also building your email list.

But times have changed. There’s a new kid on the block which changes the entire purpose of your landing page.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Put simply, Facebook lead ads are your run of the mill form. Your audience clicks on your ad, and they’re presented with a few automatic or user-tailored questions.

What’s different?

What’s special about Facebook lead ads is that they’re mobile-friendly and customizable.

After clicking on your lead ads, most of the form is already filled out for your audience because it uses information from their Facebook profile.

Along with this lower barrier of entry, you’re able to use video as well as images for your Facebook lead ads. This lets you tailor your ad for its appropriate subject matter.

Why Use Facebook Lead Ads?

When using Facebook lead ads, you contact your audience where they’re spending their time.

Traditional landing pages are great, but they fall short in this regard. Why make your audience go to another web page when they can fill out your form right on their Facebook feed.

Facebook lead ads do half of what people make landing pages for, while drastically lowering the barrier of entry.

Using Facebook Lead Ads the Right Way

To use Facebook lead ads properly, you need to know what you’re using them for. The main reasons you’ll use Facebook lead ads are to gather market info and gather contact info. After defining your purpose, you need to develop your technique.

“I scratch your back, you scratch mine”

Simply asking your audience to click on your Facebook lead ads won’t do the trick… obviously. They need a reason to fill out your form.

There’re plenty of ways you can incentivize your lead ads. For example, you could offer a coupon, make your form a step to sign up for an event or e-seminar, or even use your form to sign people up for a sweepstakes.

Giving value increases the odds viewers will complete your lead ad.

Get their digits

To really boost your sales, make sure to use your Facebook lead ads to build your contact list. Ask for your audience’s email, phone number, or both in your form.

After getting their info, you can follow up within the same day to drive sales. This is where you could either link your contacts to your website’s landing page, or even drive a sale on the spot!

This is one of the most direct ways to make an impact with your Facebook lead ads.

Test the waters

Finally, you can use your Facebook lead ads to see if your market is interested in a product you’re brainstorming.

Make your lead ad a signup form to pre-order your product, and in return, you could even give them a special discount on the product when it’s released.

By doing this, you’ll find out whether or not your product has a huge demand. More sign-ups mean more sales are guaranteed and more interest in your product.

Changing the Game

If you play your cards right, Facebook lead ads could redefine the way you generate contacts. In fact, it may become your primary source of leads.

When that happens, you’ll be able to redesign your product’s landing page, tailoring it more towards driving sales than gathering contact info.

As you can see, Facebook lead ads aren’t something you should overlook. They have the potential to redefine the way you do marketing.

On a final note, if you need any help creating the perfect Facebook lead ad we’re more than happy to help! Click here to fill out our welcome form and we’ll get back to you in no time!


Featured image by Will Francis on Unsplash