BANK: Increase Sales by Genuinely Relating to Your Customers

By understanding your customers you gain the ability to create a message that really resonates with them. One of the first steps of marketing is to try and understand as much about your audience as you can. You want to know why they get up in the morning, their deepest fears, and what their core values are.

By figuring out what makes your customers tick you gain the ability to figure out exactly why they NEED your business, and you become better able to tell them how your business is suited to improve their lives. You can paint out their problems in crystal clear detail, showing them you know exactly what their problem is, how that problem is affecting the things they truly care about, and that you know exactly how to fix that problem.

Connecting With Your Customers

Relating to your customers not only allows you to tune advertisements to fit their personality types. You can also use that information to genuinely relate to them and form real connections.

Making personality profiles aren’t a sleazy tactic to manipulate your customers’ fears against them. It’s about giving them the one thing everybody wants deep down: to feel understood. You show them you really understand how they feel, and that you genuinely care about their issues and concerns.

Once you figure out how to understand and connect with your customers you’ll be able to increase sales by up to 300%. This is because you’ll be able to make advertisements that resonate with your customers. You’ll also gain more return customers because they’ll enjoy the genuine connection they feel with your business. And your customers will be more likely to give you referrals, positive reviews, and social media shares because they’ll genuinely want to help you out due to the bonds you’ve built with them.

BANK Codes are a tool to help you start narrowing down what your customers’ values are, and what their personalities are like.


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