One Month ago I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of being my own boss.  This first year after leaving my security blanket  AKA “my job”  has taught me that we as humans can do anything we set our mind to.

My biggest take-a-way from this last year is that every decision we make comes back to us- and that is sometimes a good thing.  Hear me out,  This last year I sad yes to as many challenges and opportunities as I could.  I said yes to meetings, classes, workshops, volunteer opportunity, and pro bono work.  I said yes to EVERYTHING.    I looked for groups to join, workshops to learn from.  I researched the best companies in my area.  I meet with a business coach.  I listened and asked questions at every opportunity I could.

What a year of saying yes has led to more opportunities than I could have ever imagined, Because I said yes I was able to take advantage of many opportunities this past year.  I was asked to speak at our local community college, TWICE.  I was featured on the cover of The John PappaJohn Entrepreneurial Newsletter click here to view the article, I have been asked to launch a business across the wold.   To top it all off I have made so many connections and have a group of professionals that I befriended this year.

So, my biggest advice to you.  Say YES.  Take a chance and an opportunity to give back to your community and learn from so many professionals who have so much advice to give.  This comes with a HUGE stipulation.  Only say yes if you can complete your task.  It has always been my philosophy to under promise and over deliver.  By taking chances and completing tasks you have no option but to flourish.