Picture this: Janet and Steve are talking at the water cooler, discussing who they think will win tomorrow night on American Idol. They’ve been there for at least 30 minutes now, and there’s no sign of them leaving.

Don’t let this happen to you. Hire a freelancer instead!

As a small business your requirements differ from those of a large corporation. Although you may need more manpower, that doesn’t necessarily mean your business can afford hiring an employee, or that it will even have the consistent workload to justify doing so. Freelancers bridge this gap. Their benefits fall into line with the specific needs that a small business has. Here are the benefits that freelancers can bring to your business:

1. Flexibility

As a small business agility is one of the most useful traits to have. You don’t have a massive amount of resources to throw at problems like a large business does, so you need to find a different way to compete in the business world.

Freelancers grant you this unique advantage. Unlike hiring an employee, you can hire freelancers to complete individual tasks. Freelancers are a much smaller commitment, which is useful because often times you’ll have unique tasks that don’t require ongoing work after they’re completed.

This allows you to solve problems and accomplish projects as they come up, without the burden of then having to find work for an employee after the project is complete. The moment a project is complete you can then allocate those resources to a completely different area of your business. Freelancers allow you to spend your resources more sparingly, and deliberately than employees.

2. Saved Money

Freelancers often save you the large cost of overhead. Many freelancers work remotely and with modern technology you can keep the drawbacks of remote work to a minimum. There are software available that streamline the communication between you and the freelancer, and if you are charging hourly there’s even software that helps you hold freelancers accountable for their time.

Not only do you save the cost of overhead, you also often don’t have to pay for their benefits such as healthcare, saving you even more costs.

3. Freelancers Are a Great First Step to Growing Your Business

As a one-man business the work your business can put out becomes bottlenecked through you. You only have so much time in a day to get work done, and besides what you think, you’re not an expert at everything!

Freelancers allow you to increase the productivity of your business, and drastically broaden the skill set of your business. By hiring freelancers for specific tasks your business can now accomplish multiple tasks at once, each task requiring a separate and unique set of skills.

The limit to how much work your business gets done stops being how much work you can accomplish in a day, and instead how many freelancers you can afford to pay at once.

4. They’re Specialized

For each project you have in mind there’s already a freelancer hungry to get started on it. With websites such as Fiver you can find a freelancer with expertise in anything, whether its video editing, marketing, writing, or so on.

You don’t have to try finding a jack of all trades employee to complete all of your tasks for you. You can instead hire experts in various specialties as specific needs arise, and be assured they know exactly what they’re doing.

5. They Save You Time

Hiring a freelancer can take a massive workload off your shoulders, and in so many different ways. Tired of hunting for clients? Hire a marketing freelancer. Tired of writing content for your website? Hire a writing freelancer!

You may be thinking it’s a waste of money to hire a freelancer to do something you could learn to do yourself. The difference is you save the time you would have spent learning the skill, as well as the time spent completing the task. Freelancers let your business work for you.

This frees your time up to do the work you’re an expert at, as well as saving you from becoming a slave to your business. You most likely started your business to gain freedom. Don’t let your business take that away from you!


Hiring a freelancer comes with benefits that are uniquely beneficial to the small business owner. Consider freeing up time, and making your business more productive by hiring a freelancer.

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