Now more than ever, people need to be more pro-active especially those who have big or small businesses. The world is at a standstill right now after the virus that started in Wuhan, China traveled across the world and affected not one, but 204 countries and territories as of April 2, 2020 (

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, a global crisis emerged as the government of countries affected are taking preventive actions to stop the spread of the virus and implement solutions to rise above this unfortunate event (i.e. lockdown, community quarantine, cancellations of work, public gatherings, mass activities, travel, etc). Thus, people who are not frontliners are being asked to stay at home or work from home until this is all over. 

So HOW CAN WE AMPLIFY BRAND PRESENCE amid this pandemic? Here are some things that can help you do so:


Since most of the population is now forced to work from home or stay at home. Social media usage has grown as a result of the crisis. More users go online to still stay connected with family members, friends, colleagues all over the world or buy necessary goods. If your business is not on social media yet, today would be your best chance to build a presence online by making your own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn page. 


The business world has been the most hit by this crisis. Some physical stores are forced to close down since they can’t risk the lives of the people working for them. Building a website for your business can keep your company alive and still connected with your local community and the world. 


People enjoy engaging more in interactive posts, especially now that we all crave for interaction amid the community quarantine and lock down in our cities or countries. Creating posts that are timely can generate leads and help your business be more visible in the eyes of many. 


Since we are facing an uncertain time amid the corona virus outbreak, we are all inclined to to help one another through virtually posted information. To help businesses, you can claim all your directories at and go to ALL THINGS ADVERTISING and get a website audit. Send your customers text messages with specials and announcements. 

Amplifying brand presence during this crisis can help you reach your desired audience and help your business stay afloat. If you need help or assistance, @AllThingsAdvertising can walk you through the process. Let us all be here for one another through the ups and the downs of the world. Stay at home and keep yourselves in check as always!