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The most common mistake salespeople are making is delivering their presentation based on their own personality types, not on the customer’s personality type. That means the average salesperson communicates ineffectively up to 75% of the time, which could be costing you a fortune. In the new episode of the Advertising Jackpot podcast, we’ll dig deeper into personality types, and find out how to crack your code! Join us as we hear from Erica Roelike, Practice Lead Director of Keystone Group International. Erica has 10+ years of experience in recruiting and managing individuals at a boutique executive search firm in the Minneapolis area. She joined Keystone Group International as the leader of their Career Coaching Practice, focused on helping individuals navigate their careers, internally at an organization and externally as they transition to new opportunities. Erica brings deep experience in aligning the right people with the right companies and roles to maximize their results and engagement. She has a strong purpose to serve others through understanding their strengths and providing excellent customer service. Erica is focused on engaging, supporting, and developing our customer relationships through the use of tools and experience. Erica believes that the growth of businesses comes through strong communication skills and processes to truly understanding the customer. Keystone’s services focus on a holistic approach to business, starting with a solid growth strategy that is supported by strong foundational business components. Advertising Jackpot is sponsored by Val Bullerman You Can Create a 6- and 7-figure Business – But You’ll Need Confidence, Clarity, and Success Strategies to Do It!