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Recap of 2018’s Lessons

As the year comes to an end let’s look back on the most important lessons we have learned. Here is a summary the most important lessons we’ve learned in 2018. February To make effective advertisements you have to make them with the audience’s viewpoint in mind. For...

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9 Ways We Are Thankful For YOU

  Thanksgiving is around the corner and we want to thank all of you for everything you’ve done for us. This goes out to all of our friends and family, of which our business partners and loyal customers have grown to be a part of. We want to let you know that we...

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Why Professional Graphics Matter

We are entering a new era of the internet. One in which you can barely find a single article that doesn’t contain at least one cat photo. Ok, maybe the internet’s always revolved around cats, but nonetheless it demonstrates just how large of a role visual content has...

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5 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer

Picture this: Janet and Steve are talking at the water cooler, discussing who they think will win tomorrow night on American Idol. They’ve been there for at least 30 minutes now, and there’s no sign of them leaving. Don’t let this happen to you. Hire a freelancer...

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Why You Need to Update Your WordPress Website

Oops, Your Code is Showing: Why You Need to Update Your WordPress Website The last thing you want for your website is to have hackers running rampant, parts of your website to be broken, and to have a load time longer than you can say “subscribe to my email list!”...

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5 Guidelines for Making a Viral Article

Create A Spark With Your Advertising: 5 Guidelines for Making a Viral Article Imagine hundreds of thousands of eyes flooding onto your website! Each pair of eyes, a potential customer or loyal reader. That’s what one viral article can do for you. With businesses...

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5 Ways to Stay Focused This Summer

Get Your Head Out of Your Apps: Top 5 Ways to Stay Focused This Summer Nothing’s worse than when a task you expected to take an hour or two ends up consuming your whole day! That time was going to be for relaxing, but now your day is over and you still have to do work...

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The Four Personalities of BANK

Welcome to part two  (Read Part One Here) of our BANK code over view and how you can use BANK to increase your sales by 300%.   Click Here to read Part One  Today we will learn more abut what BANK is and the four different personality types. What is a BANK Code BANK...

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